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PLASTIC - IST STREP Project: Development process and tools: assessment and revision

This document contain a citation of my thesis
This document is the third deliverable produced within WP2 in the PLASTIC project and it presents an evaluation of the PLASTIC development process and tools.
D2.3 follows D2.1, where language and analysis techniques were presented for the PLASTIC development process, and D2.2 where the tools and analysis techniques for the PLASTIC development process were delivered.
The PLASTIC development environment produced in WP2 comprises tools and techniques for:
(i) the development of resource-aware services by means of modeling tools (such as the UML service model editor), analysis tools (such as COBRA and Mosquito), and model transformation tools that enable the automatic generation of code (WSDL, Java, and Service Level Agreements) from the PLASTIC UML model;
(ii) the development of Service Level Agreements defined in the SLAng language by means of a graphical editor, the automatic generation of WS-Agreements to be used by the verification tools, and the automatic generation of monitors for on-line verification of the SLAs.
In the remainder of this document, all the techniques and tools are reviewed and evaluated against scenarios provided by the industrial partners of the PLASTIC project.