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PMIF Editor V 1.0 aka QNS-WSC V 1.0 aka Weasel Client V 1.0

PMIF Editor The Queueing Network Solver Web Service Client and PMIF Editor. Program to create visual PMIF 2.0 queueing network models. The program can solve the model using the Weasel webservice.

Weasel Webservice Latest Active Access Point

The following list contain the latest entry point for active weasel webservice:

  • Weasel Linux Webservice [HTTP] [WSDL]
  • Weasel Windows Webservice [HTTP] [WSDL]
If you want to have the "Weasel" source code to install your own copy of the webservice, please contact Professor at University of L'Aquila SEALAB Quality Group at DISIM Department to establish the terms and conditions of use of the source code and to have the dowload link.